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How do you pronounce my name?

Since I am from Romania, my name, Mircea Paşoi, is very hard to pronounce for non-Romanian speakers. Consequently, I’ve put up this guide that hopefully will help people pronounce my name in English and write it correctly (thanks to Mihai Patrăşcu for the template.

Pronunciation #

To start things off, here’s a pronunciation of my name by a Romanian robot voice. Not perfect, but better than what most people end us saying :)

Here’s how to pronounce Mircea:

  • mir is more like “MIR space station” or “meer”
  • cea has a hidden “h” and is more like “cha” (as in “cha cha” the dance)
  • r is trilled like in most Romance languages (e.g. Spanish)
  • e and a have their usual Latin readings - think of “lecture” and “father”

So, a somewhat correct pronunciation is “Meercha” (listen).

Paşoi is a bit easier:

  • pa is like in “park”
  • ş is like in “*shoot”
  • oi is like in “*oyster”

You can think of it...

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